I am currently acting as primary supervisor for the following doctoral projects:

Joe Abell, Demanding Change? The Use of Participatory Methods in HIV Prevention in Uganda.

Eleanor Seymour, Sexual Violence against Women in Northern Uganda.

Toni Smith, Sexual and Gender Based Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Irene Kamaratou, African women refugees (former victims of sexual violence) in Athens.

Sophie Kuspert-Rakotondrainy, Transformation of Hierarchies in the Kondala Woreda in Western Ethiopia: the case of the Mao.

I am co-supervisor for the following projects:

Boniface Ojok, Reintegration and Education of Children Born of War: The Case of Northern Uganda.

Amy Redgrave, Struggles over Prostitution in Southern Nigeria: Colonial Anxieties and Local Debates.


Paul Naylor, From Rebels to Rulers: Political and Religious Legitimacy in the writings of the Sokoto Fodiawa 1803–1837 (PhD awarded in 2018).

Eunice Apio, Children Born of War in northern Uganda: Kinship, Marriage, and the Politics of Post-conflict Reintegration in Lango society (PhD awarded in 2016).

Postgraduate supervision:

I welcome inquiries from students interested in the history and anthropology of labor and/or slavery. I am interested in supervising research that focuses on the experience of workers and that is sensitive to the ways in which gender and other types of positionality influence people’s circumstances and strategies.

Postgraduate teaching:

At the London School of Economics (2002-2004) I taught the MA version of The Anthropology of Kinship, Sex, and Gender and the Anthropology and Development ‘linking seminars’ for the Anthropology and Development Masters Programme. At the University of Liverpool (2008-2011) I convened the Masters in International Slavery Studies and taught its two core courses: International Slavery I and International Slavery II. At the University of Birmingham (2012-to date) I convene two Masters programmes, respectively, the MA African Studies and the MA Social Research (African Studies). I have taught the MA course Advanced Perspectives for African Studies, and I currently teach the compulsory course Research Skills and Methods in African Studies (RESMAS). I also teach an MA version of Slavery and Freedom in Twentieth Century West Africa. 

Undergraduate teaching:

At LSE (2002-2004) I taught The Anthropology of Kinship, Sex, and Gender. At Sussex (2004-2005), I taught Aid and Projects and Concepts of Social Development. At SOAS (2005-2007) I taught Ethnography of a selected region: West Africa. At Liverpool (2008-2011), I taught Sahara and Sudan: Introduction to the History and Historiography of interior West Africa, 1000-1800; West Africa in the Twentieth Century; and contributed teaching to The Atlantic World since 1400. At Birmingham (2012-to date), I taught Introduction to African Societies; Slavery and Freedom in Twentieth Century Africa; and Theory, Ethnography, and Research.